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Age Agnostic Content: Cannes Lions csuitepodcast Part 7 of 9

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To kick off the third of my podcasts from Cannes Lions, I was joined in ICCO’s House of PR by Karen Strauss, Partner, Chief Strategy & Creativity Officer at Ketchum, Gabriel Araujo, Creative Director at Ketchum and Adam Singolda of content discovery platform Taboola.

The topic of our chat was Age Agnostic Content.

Karen started by referring to a story that Ad Age ran in November 2015 saying that 2016 would be the year for Age Agnostic Marketing.  She interpreted this to mean that we will finally take advantage of the power of the Internet to identify people by shared interests and abandon the practice of writing creative briefs aimed at people by their age.  However, Karen still sees briefs targeted by demographics rather than psychographics, hence why she had put together a panel for Cannes to address when age does matter and when it should be ignored in favour of marketing to passions.

In their session at the event, Adam said that smart marketing goes beyond age and into value and passion and in our interview he added that the notion of demographic and what marketers are looking for is completely changing and evolving.  He believes that people are so overwhelmed with information and so as a marketer, you need to start with what is it that you are trying to address for those people so that whatever you create may be valuable to them.

Karen now pushes back when she gets briefs that talk about targeting age groups.  She argues the case for using data analytics to discover what the relevant and shared passions are, so that she can better understand who the client is trying to reach, as this will help understand what content needs to be created to make the right connection.  She doesn’t believe you will connect with people by reminding them how young or old they are!

Gabriel described a great example of a campaign for a brand that is challenging the Age issue.  He talked through a project that Ketchum produced for Pfizer in Brazil, where their brief was originally aimed at millennials about ageing.

Pfizer Age Shamelessly FINAL (Creative Data) from Gabriel Araujo on Vimeo.

Gabriel explained that their view was that the target audience on the brief wouldn’t care too much about the issue at hand, so they had to think of a way that would provoke them and get everyone to pay attention.  Ketchum therefore responded by filming young and old people answering the same questions about their lifestyle, the results of which showed a new reality.  Ketchum found that younger people are lazy, staying home, watching Netflix, don’t go out with friends and are not having sex!  With old people it was the opposite. They are active, playing sports, travelling, having sex and falling in love again.

The results of the campaign were fantastic across social media in Brazil.

I compared the campaign to the big winner at last year’s Cannes Lions, the #LikeAGirl campaign, from Always, which I still use as case study example in my Using Video in Social Media Workshop

Both videos are simply shot and rather than relying on visual effects, they work because the story telling is so good, which Gabriel agreed with.

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