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Using Translations to Globalize Video Marketing

This guest post from Rachel Wheeler of Morningside Translations combines two of our key interests, Video and Localisation.  We run regular workshops at client offices on both of these topics, so do get in touch if you would like more information or to book a session for your team.


Using Translations to Globalize Video Marketing

Online video already has a greater reach than any US cable network. With this size audience, it has become clear that online video can be a highly effective marketing tool.  

In addition to increasing reach, studies have shown that video content yields significant results. Customers prefer watching video about products to reading about them, and customers say that they are more likely to buy after watching a video.

Using sites like YouTube and Facebook can give your business the ability to reach millions of potential customers from around the world. When it is done right, you can use these services to reach customers in other countries. If you want to have the greatest impact, the use of translation services can ensure that your online videos make a connection with this broader audience.

Why Video is Important

Research from Eyeview suggests that a landing page with video can see up to an 80% increase in conversions. If you offer your products and services in multiple countries, you can further increase the effectiveness of video by offering translated versions of the website and media.

When the website and the video are in the visitor’s native language, they are much more likely to spend an increased amount of time on the page. When visitors spend more time on the page, they are more likely to convert. The additional time spent also improves SEO, which has a component based in bounce rate on a web page.

Videos can also have an impact on your email marketing. A report from Invodo shows that using the word “video” in the subject line can increase open rates by close to 20%. Video can also increase clickthrough rates by about 65%, and it can cut the unsubscribe rate by approximately 26%.

Increasing ROI with Translations

Video marketing can be one of the most effective methods for increasing sales and building your brand, but you want to get the most out of every video. Distributing your videos internationally can increase your reach, but if you want to increase the return on investment, translations can help your videos have a greater impact in foreign markets.

Professional translation services can also ensure that your videos are sending the right message in foreign markets. Translations are not always straightforward. A message that hits the mark in English could be seen as inappropriate to people of different cultures. By getting a translation service involved early, you can craft a message that will come across well in different languages and for different cultures.

Localizing Videos

You could choose to localize your videos by making a separate video for each language, but this will increase the cost of your marketing campaign. Instead, you can save money by making videos that can be more easily translated for multiple languages.

One common option is to use subtitles. It is an inexpensive option for making a video more accessible to foreign language speakers, and the text can easily be added to the videos.

Dubbing is another option. You can hire voiceover actors to record replacement dialogue for the translated version of the video. This can be a more effective way to attract viewers, but it can be costly. If there is just one actor it can be done at a reasonable cost. However, as more voices accumulate in a video, the cost can make this option a poor choice.

It can be helpful to consult with a translation service during the production process. You can go over different options, and find ways to make the video more adaptable for the purposes of translation.

When a video is in the native language of the viewer, they are much more likely to watch, and it also increases the chance that they will share the video. Professional translations can help your videos make this connection, and this will increase the impact that your content has in foreign markets.

Morningside Translations is a professional translation agency with local experts across industry verticals. They began in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, where they have since grown into a leading translation firm with offices around the world. They specialize in working closely with clients to produce content that bridges the gap between languages and cultures.

My chat with Lord Chadlington – csuitepodcast Show 31 Part 1

Lord Chadlington Show 31 of the csuitepodcast, the second of three shows recorded at the Global ICCO PR Summit, saw me speak to my 100th guest on the series and so it was perfect that such a milestone was shared with former CEO of Huntsworth plc, Lord Chadlington, who had just delivered the opening keynote for the second day of the conference on the topic of creating the consultancy of the future.

Naturally, I didn’t have too much time with Lord Chadlington, but we still managed to get through a lot of topics in our chat, not all covered in this post, so you’ll just have to listen to the interview to hear them all!  But what was evident in listening to his keynote, and spending 20mins chatting to him is that one simply can’t help but be inspired by a man who, at 74 years old, as Graham Goodkind, Chairman of Frank PR described when I was sat next to him listening to the keynote address, still has an infectious enthusiasm and passion for his industry.

With regards to his keynote, Lord Chadlington’s main message was that the PR industry is in a very difficult place because, increasingly, the traditional work is being taken over by software and so agencies have to decide what kind of business they are going to have as someone else is ‘eating their breakfast’!

We talked in particular about media influence and the impact social media is having, not just on business but on politics too and particularly on how politicians will need to communicate over the issue of Brexit.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to get Lord Chadlington’s views on the events of the last six months, which he summed up by saying that if had been a story line in a Jeffrey Archer or Michael Dobbs book, everyone would have said it would have been impossible.

On David Cameron, Chadlington believe’s he has behaved with great dignity and that he has accepted that the country didn’t want to do what he wanted to do, but that giving them the choice was the key thing.

As for Brexit, Lord Chadlington said he was a ‘remainer’ but now he is 9 million percent for Brexit and we all must be 9 million percent for Brexit as that is what’s going to happen! He said we therefore need to fight hard and make sure Brexit is an enormous success.

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PR’s Got Talent – csuite podcast 22 Part 1

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Last week I had the pleasure of attending the World PR Forum in Toronto.

The event was superbly organised by the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) and had the theme of ‘Communication Across Cultures’.

I was there to record a series of interviews for the conference as part of the csuitepodcast, and first up, fresh after their presentation on The Future of PR were Arun Sudhaman, President and Editor-in-Chief of The Holmes Report and Fred Cook, CEO of GOLIN.  I also got Rob Brown, current CIPR President and Managing Partner of Rule 5 to join us for the chat.

We talked through some of the highlights within the latest Global Communications Report, which, as Arun explained, explores how the PR industry is changing on both the agency and in-house side, but one of the key points raised was how the industry has a need for people with a broad range of experiences and how it needs to recruit those from different backgrounds.

Fred has a concern that PR agencies tend to recruit from other PR Agencies and In-house roles are replaced by people from other in-house roles.  Off the back of this, Arun recommended that people read Fred’s book ‘Improvise: Unconventional career advice from an unlikely CEO’ about his own life experiences before settling at Golin as a good example of why the industry needs people who have different experiences and skills to simply working in PR.  Fred’s view is that we need different skill sets and different types of people in the industry, i.e. great thinkers, very creative, very bold and willing to take risks, and so he is looking for people with more courage in their approach to their work.

Rob added to this by saying how PR is now in competition with other industries, for example, with lawyers when it comes to Crisis Communications or in other areas it could be that PR is in competition with Video Production companies.

Arun’s view on this area is that the PR industry has to get a lot better at selling itself as an attractive destination for people that really do have a lot of options in terms of where they can go.

On the topic of recruiting new talent, Fred talked about Golin’s ‘Unternship’ programme, which is proving a real success for them. Below is the video of Golin’s first Untern, Akinbola Richardson, which Fred showed in the presentation – it’s quite incredible.

A Recap of Akin’s Unternship Adventure from Golin on Vimeo.

Golin created the concept off the back of Fred’s personal background and how he built his own career, which, as he says himself, was quite unauthodox.   After reading his book, the General Manager of their Dallas office said she would never have hired him in a million years, and they therefore realised it was a problem that they are always looking to hire people who fit the same mould.  The unternship was their answer, and runs as a competition to find different kinds of people, and the winner gets to travel at Golin’s expense for three months all around the world, doing things they’ve never done before.  Fred explained that they’ve just finished their second unternship in the US, have just chosen their first in London and are now in the process of choosing one in China.  He added that they have had hundreds of entries and in fact, ended up hiring many of the applicants as interns too.  He believes it has done wonders for Golin’s employer brand, creating a sense about the company that they are different from everyone else.

I’ve told my neice and my daughter to keep an eye out for future Golin Unternships!

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