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Oh when the Saints go tweeting in – the latest csuite podcast

Whilst last month’s csuite podcast show 7 was on the topic of fan engagement in Sport, I encourage you to listen to the interview whatever sector you work in, as I believe the ideas and concepts I discussed with Antony Marcou, CEO of Sports Revolution and PRMoment’s Ben Smith are relevant to everyone in PR.

Naturally I really enjoyed this show as we got to talk football, but before you non footie fans moan, I don’t mean we were discussing what’s better when it comes to 4-4-2 or 4-5-1.  Instead, Antony gave us some really interesting insight into a number of areas of Sports marketing including:

  • how the PR aspect of maximising a brand’s sponsorship through social media has a huge impact at the negotiation stage of the deal
  • the benefits of the award winning project that he worked on, where installing high density Wi-Fi into Celtic Park solved the connectivity problem of trying to get a signal in a ground with over 60,000 people, changing the way fans experience their visit to the game, as well as the impact it could have on the bottom line for the club
  • ownership of new technologies and platforms as they launch and the role of the clubs and federations in the process, i.e. to police or participate

Having Ben back on the show though was great from a PR perspective as he brought the discussion back in terms of the impact social media in sport is having on regional media.  He used his personal experience of how he used to go to the Daily Echo’s website to read about Southampton FC, but now gets better content directly from the club’s own website and social channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter feeds.  This then lead us on to a discussion about ‘unofficial’ reporting, using examples of fan based podcasts like the one both Antony and I listen too – The Spurs Show, which I appeared as a guest on recently, and what it means to the clubs.

Other topics we covered included how players can have more influence across social media than the clubs they play for when you compare the numbers of followers they have, which again is just as relevant outside of sport when you compare it to the case of key executives at major businesses.

We also touched on campaign examples from the worlds of Basketball, Rugby, Sailing, Motor GP, F1, Golf and Cycling – in many cases, sports that have to work harder to engage with fans as they don’t have the money that flows in The Barclays Premier League, or are not the easiest to watch at the venues, where the TV experience is better from a viewing perspective.  Many of the examples we discussed are arguably doing a better job at engaging with their audiences through social media and mobile apps with real time data updates or certainly have the potential to, using the stats generated from wearable or on-board tech that can be shared through social.

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