Virtual Reality for PR – csuitepodcast show 42

(Interview starts at 11.22)

In the second interview of Show 42 of the csuitepodcast that I recorded at PRWeek’s 2017 PR360, I spoke with Olivia Lory Kay, Strategy Director at INITION about how Virtual Reality (VR) is filtering into the marketing mix and how it sits with other visual technologies such as immersive videos and augmented reality.


Olivia believes that there is a real appetite for experiential content but the PR industry does need to be careful of not creating fatigue due too many ‘me too’ campaigns, particularly in the 3rd sector.  For example, following the success of ‘Clouds of Sidra’, she said that there have been a lot of other first person narrative examples, putting people into situations and allowing them to experience them in a first person point of view what it might be like to have been there.  She therefore feels that to get the real value of immersive technology, you need to go back to basics and try to understand what communications objective you are looking for the technology to solve.  Whilst the result may be to produce a first person 360 video, that wouldn’t be where to start.

An interesting aspect of producing immersive and VR content that Olivia talked about was the challenges for brands in this medium.  These technologies bring with them a new way of interacting and new protocols of how people experience content, which are primarily voice, gesture, haptics (touch) and sensor reach such as gaze control.  Similarly, with a 360 video, by definition, there is no one telling you what to look at next.  However, she encourages brands to get involved and experiment on how best they can use these technologies for communications.

Virtual Reality, 360 videos and Augmented Reality is all covered in our workshop on Using Video in Social Media. You can get in touch about booking a session for your team using the contact form.

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