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Tribal Relations – csuitepodcast ECS special – Show 28 Part 3 of 3

Part 3 of Show 28 starts at 13min51s

The final interview that I recorded at the European Communications Summit in Brussels was with Mazen Nahawi, CEO of Media Intelligence Agency, CARMA, who had presented a session at the conference on the topic of Tribal Relations, which was looking at how understanding of trust will change amidst the failures of political communications.  This was quite a timely talk following the result of the Brexit referendum in the UK and the backtracking that followed from both sides of the argument.

Mazen’s talk was about how people are coming together around ideas, interests and passions rather than gender, ethnicity or location.  They can be transnational and multicultural, but the key aim is that they want to achieve a particular goal, whether political or social.  As well as what was going on in the UK politically, he said it was also quite pertinent in the current US elections as well as what has happened in the Arab Spring in the Middle East and so it’s very much a global phenomenon. He added that it’s therefore important to understand what brings people together and what drives them, which is what CARMA are trying to achieve with their research.

Mazen explained that CARMA are trying to take measurement to a different level with their Tribal Relations research.  He said that traditionally, the [PR] industry has focussed on clip counts, advertising value equivalency (AVE), etc., but his company believes the csuite requires data that is much more in-depth and needs to have a historical, business and psychological context, rather than just media analysis and opinion data. He believes that by blending it all together, you get a holistic view and a better understanding of the people you are trying to serve.

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Navigating Social Acceptance – csuitepodcast ECS special – Show 28 Part 2of 3

Part 2 of Show 28 starts at 6min33s

Continuing with the podcast that I recorded at the European Communications Summitin Brussels, my second guest was Jeremie Guillerme, Lead Corporate reputation consultant at Stakeholder communications agency Black Sun.

Jeremie was at the event talking about a report he’d just released, Navigating Social Acceptance, which looks at how and when organisations are recognised as meaningful contributors to society.

He explained that Social Acceptance has broad support from a range of stakeholders including the General Public and that in producing the report, Black Sun had tried to break down the various steps an organisation can take to unlock Social Acceptance, which include:

  1. understanding your stakeholders
  2. aligning your business to your stakeholders in the way you speak and act the way you
  3. engaging those stakeholders on the progress you are meeting those needs and expectations

The findings of the report, however, showed that there are a number of gaps that remain in the above. For example, approximately 86% companies they researched have a clear knowledge of who their key stakeholders are, but that very few actually collect their feedback, or do anything with that knowledge to the benefit of their business.

Jeremie’s two key tips to achieve Social Acceptance are to:

  1. Run stakeholder consultations
  2. Always follow up on your commitments

On that second of the above tips, Jeremie said that too many organisations are keen to consult and listen to stakeholders, having asked them to input on their strategy and communications, but then let them down in the delivery. You have to remember that having asked those stakeholders for input, you are accountable to them, and so have to let them know what you have done with their feedback.

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